Wilma Hayes

The Welsh Marches Series

The Author

Mary Mitchell meets her neighbour Tim Spencer when he slides out of his shower, dressed only in a fluffy pink towel and stops at her feet. It is the beginning of a fast paced adventure for them both.

Mary has just moved into a new, but very old house, and discovers it has a secret. Uncovering it, leads Mary into the history of her house, and she finds that all is not what it seems. Murder and a centuries-old feud have consequences for her today.

Tim has escaped from yet another unhappy relationship, to a quiet house in the country. A structural engineer, he has taken on a job that he has little clue how to do and almost immediately finds his confidence being undermined and slowly destroyed. Struggling to save his job leads him to discover large scale fraud involving people very close to him.

Together, Tim and Mary work to save his career and her sanity but are drawn into crimes, past and present. In so doing they must also face their relationship with each other. Even this is far from straightforward.

A hostile daughter, a manipulating ex-husband, and an old lover appear at the worst of times to complicate their developing feelings.

Book One in the series

Things Contacts & Orders Red Snow Word Garden War Diary