Wilma Hayes The Author

Freeing My Sisters - Mary Mitchell meets her neighbour Tim Spencer when he slides out of his shower, dressed only in a fluffy pink towel and stops at her feet. It is the beginning of a fast paced adventure for them both involving historic and modern crime.

Things I Haven’t Told You - Mary and Tim have a perfect relationship. But everyone has secrets - haven't they? Families are complicated and there are things not told - both of them have things to confess. (Sold Out  but available as eBook Secrets, Lies, and Legacies.)

Red Snow - Royston Thomas has two secrets. He is an excellent Morse Code operator although he doesn’t think it is all that remarkable. And, he hates the idea of conflict so much that when World War II finally breaks out, he becomes a conscientious objector. These two things draw him to the attention of people he assumes to be British intelligence. But it isn’t as simple as that.

The Word Garden - Maggie is the happiest of brides. Her husband Gordon is handsome, charming and owns his own business. He also has a mistress and his business is in financial trouble. Two things that draw him into illegal activities that become more and more dangerous. Two things he can never confess to his wife.

Who will survive this marriage?

Things Red Snow Word Garden The Welsh Marches Series

Four books with their roots in the Welsh Marches. Grown from legend, lies, loss, love and fed with a little revenge, beauty, goodness, crime and vengeance.

The Welsh Marches Series