Wilma Hayes The Author

Sevens: Stories to Commute By

(Or Have A Cuppa With)

Pick a Number (between 1 and 7)

Select a set of stories to commute by (or have a cuppa with) for your Kindle, Apple Book, Kobo or other e-reader.

Seven sets of seven short stories.

Each of the 49 short stories is suitable for a 10 to 15 minute commute or a quick cuppa - or 2 or 3 if you wish!

Seven Colours of the Rainbow: Individual stories about women’s long struggle for suffrage. Warriors all.

Seven Deadly Sins: Everyone loves a good sin. Here are four people behaving badly, very badly.

Seven Ancient Wonders: Seven people telling stories in very different ways about WW2.

Seven Sisters: A detective has a murder to solve, but she has more than that to unravel.

Seven Dwarfs: A Board of Directors receive an announcement. Incompetence is about to be revealed. Vividly.

Seven Ages of Man: Dad collects his family for a weekend. What could possibly go wrong?

Seven Days of the Week: Seven friends are invited to a luxury weekend. Time has changed them all, so why are they here?